4 Days in Madrid: Dining & Dancing

This article is part of a larger series of things to do with four days in Madrid. In this post, I will share with you some of the places you can get food along with places to watch flamenco!

In this article:

  • Chueca
  • Flamenco at Casa Patas
  • San Ginés
  • Lavapiés


Chueca is the ‘gay neighborhood’ in Madrid and is home to the famous El Tigre tapas restaurant and the Mercado de San Anton. It is also a very fashion-forward and artistic area, a great place to eat, and a place that celebrates tolerance and diversity.

Metro: Gran Via

Chueca neighborhood

Flamenco at Casa Patas

You cannot visit Spain without seeing flamenco, a Spanish folk dance that involves singing, guitar strumming, and heavy footwork. During my trip to Madrid, I visited Casa Patas, however there are many places to watch flamenco such as Las Tablas, Café de Chinitas, and Corral de la Morería. 

Casa Patas Address: Calle de los Cañizares, 10, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Flamenco at Casa Patas

Churros & Chocolate at San Ginés

When you are in Madrid you must try churros and chocolate, a popular spanish breakfast food (or late night post-party snack). I ate my churros & chocolate at San Ginés, a restaurant that has been well known for the sweet snack for over 100 years.

San Ginés Address: Pasadizo San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

San Gines



Lavapiés is a multicultural neighborhood relatively close to many main attractions in Madrid, such as the Botanical Garden and Reina Sofia. It is both economically and racially diverse and although it has a seedy reputation, it is also known for having a wide variety of ethnic foods. While there are many options of food places to choose from, I really wanted to eat Spanish food (when in Spain…), so I ate paella at a restaurant called La Buga del Lobo (Calle de Argumosa, 28012 Madrid, Spain), and it was pretty good!

Paella in Lavapies


Of course this post is just a VERY small amount of places that you can dine and dance in Madrid, however these are some things I definitely feel should be added to your list of things to do when you visit Madrid. I have also written a post about complete post about food you should try while you are in Spain.

Have you been to any of these places before? Can you recommend some others?


 – This post was part of the Sunday Traveler Series

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  • You’ve captured some of the best of Spain in words and pictures…ahhh take me back! 🙂

  • I’m happy that it sounds like you’ve enjoyed your time in Madrid! Not one of my favorite cities in Spain, but maybe that’s because I haven’t given it enough of a chance. Make sure to try out a bocadillo de calamares while you’re there!

  • I have been to Spain but not Madrid. Thanks for the tips for when I finally make it there!

    • You’re very welcome Mindi! Make sure you check out the food in Madrid too! It is pretty darn good 😀

  • We are really hoping to get to Madrid in 2015! Thanks for the food tips! I can’t wait to eat…and eat…and eat.

    • Enjoy all of that eating Heather!

  • What a wonderful city! Chueca is definitely a cool and artsy neighborhood – used to love going there a few years ago. I have not been to Lavapies before due to the reputation you mentioned, but will be trying out their restaurants there whenever I get back to Madrid.

    • You definitely should Dave! Lavapies is great during the day with lots of restaurants on the street! Enjoy 😀

  • Mmmm, the paella in lavapies looks delicious! I’m like you, I love when there is a diverse selection of food in a city, but I like to try to eat like the locals do when I’m there. Very cool little snapshot of Madrid.

    • You’re welcome Mandie! I personally like to eat the local food as I feel I can get ‘non-local’ food at anytime in NYC 😀

  • I adore Chueca and Madrid just rocks. The food, the people, the vibe! Great post!

  • Churros & Chocolate sound right up my alley!! I would love to try them for breakfast and snacking, maybe at dinner…. Oh, and paella! Can’t wait to visit Madrid one day! 🙂

    • Yes! Try it all! Eat it multiple times too Katie! Enjoy 😀

  • I have yet to go to Madrid, but I loved Barcelona! Especially their hot chocolate. So I can imagine the churros and chocolate in Madrid would be just as delicious!

    • That is one thing I did not do in Barcelona: eat the chocolate! Guess we both have returns to Spain in our future Amy!

  • This looks amazing, I especially love all the yummy food options!!

    • Yes! There are so many Kristin 😀

  • It looks like you had a wonderful time and got to eat some yummy food!

    • The food was outstanding Lauren 😀

  • Oh everything looks fabulous! Churros and paella for me 🙂 Great post – definitely tantalizes the taste buds

    • The churros were so yummy Penny 😀

  • Mmmm… I’m so craving for churros and hot chocolate. I’ve never been to Spain but my boyfriend has and he still keeps on talking about those!! He says the hot chocolate is as thick as molasses. I can’t wait until I can try it!!

    • You’re boyfriend was right on point! It is the thickest chocolate I have ever seen Anna!

  • This food looks so good! I’ve never had churros in Spain though have tried in South America and Cuba (and just about everywhere I can get my hands on it here in London!!) I want to discover more of the authentic foodie scene in Spain – thanks for the tips!

    • You’re welcome Shikha! You definitely should try them in Spain when you make your way there 😀

  • Elena@Elena’s Travelgram

    Lived in Chueca neighbourhood just a few doors away from your pictures during my last stay in Madrid. El Tigre is a great place for an evening drink and free tapas they serve are yummy and huge! Plus, can’t count how many paellas I’ve actually eaten during my stay 🙂

    • That’s awesome! I wish that I would have been able to spend a little more than a few hours there, it seemed like such an interesting place, and I heard they throw a good parade!

  • Hey, on behalf of Christa, Host of The Sunday Traveler, I was stopping by to check out your article. Churros & Chocolate, YES PLEASE!!! Yum! Looks like this must have been a very painful trip for you, perhaps some therapy may be in order. Lol! Trying not to be jealous. *Tehe ;-}

    • Haha, yes chocolate therapy is definitely in order!

  • The best flamenco show I ever saw was in Madrid. I’m still bummed I didn’t buy the video at the time.

    • Oh no! Well I guess you have a reason to return Nick for another show! 😀

  • I want to have those churros and chocolate for breakfast. Forever. So much better then pancakes!

    • So true! Pancakes are overrated 😀

  • Curros and chocolate yes please! Yummy in my tummy. I cannot wait to get to Spain and see Madrid!

    • Definitely put it on your list! It was probably my favorite cities out of the ones that I visited in Spain 😀

  • You are really, really making me want to hop on a plane to Madrid right now. Everything looks so good. I want to see Flamenco in Spain where it started, and you really grabbed me with the Churros and Chocolate. Add paella into that itinerary, and who could resist?

    • It is definitely hard to resist all of the goodness that Spain has to offer 😀

  • oohh, the Churros!! I’ve never tried them from Spain, but in Mexico we have some that are filled, those are the best!!

    [Stopping over via Sunday Traveler

  • Madrid is an amazing city, especially for its food! Looks like you checked out some great places, next time you’ll have to visit the markets if you didn’t already! The Antón Martin Market and San Fernando Market are two of the most interesting. We’d love to have you along on a food tour if ever back in Madrid!

    • Thanks Lauren! When I return I would love to join 😀

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