Eating Food Dutch People Like

When I visited Amsterdam I wanted to try different  foods that were popular in the Netherlands. Being a huge foodie, trying Dutch foods was one of the biggest missions that I had. I gathered a list of things that I had to try from bloggers Awesome Amsterdam, The Lazy Travelers, and Invading Holland and then I hit the streets to discover food Dutch people like.

Apples & Pancakes

Apple Pancake at Pancakes!

The Dutch love apples and they also love pancakes!

Luckily I came across a wonderful restaurant called Pancakes that combined the two: Pancakes! Amsterdam. The restaurant is quite popular, and it was full the entire time that I was there. Pancakes can be found all over Amsterdam and come in various sizes ranging from itty bitty pancakes called Poffertjes to large ones like the one pictured above.

Pancakes! Address: Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH Amsterdam, Netherlands



Dutch people like hagelslag (sprinkles). I mean who doesn’t like sprinkles?

What I had never done before however was put sprinkles on my bread. Dutch people like to put sprinkles on their bread. The most popular kind of hagelslag is the ‘puur’ kind (pictured left), which is made from real cacao and is actually quite delicious. The hagelslag was alright on my bread, but I prefered it much more on my bananas 😀


Drop – sweet & salty

Drop is a kind of Dutch licorice. To say the candy is an acquired taste is an understatement.

Dutch people LOVE this stuff and it can be found in the candy aisle in stores all over Amsterdam. I was forewarned about the taste of the candy but I was unprepared for what I was about to experience.

Honestly, I found it to be horrid, and one of the absolutely most disgusting things I have ever put in my mouth.


Cheese at Brouwerij ‘t IJ

I love cheese and eat a lot of it despite my stomach’s disagreement with the wonderful stuff.

In Amsterdam I ate SO much cheese, and surprisingly my stomach was not bothered at all (which means they probably have to really good cheese).

Every chance I got I was eating cheese, from free samples in the Amsterdam cheese museum to going on a cheese tasting at Reypenaer, I just could not get enough.

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring at the Albert Cuypmarkt

This haring can be eaten in three different ways:

  • (1) Hold it by the tail and let it slide gracefully down your throat
  • (2) Eaten on a sandwich
  • (3) Chopped up into bite size pieces and eaten off of a toothpick.

I chose the latter while I was visiting the Albert Cuypmart and it was delicious!


Appletaart at Winkel 43

Appletaart (Dutch Apple Pie) is just about the most amazing dessert for the world to be blessed with.

Some think that apple pie is an American dish, when in reality it came from the Dutch. Layers of apple surrounded by crumbling pie crust  just melt in your mouth. I tried this appletaart at the famous Winkel 43, a restaurant known for their outstanding appletaart.

Winkel 43 Address: Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands


Bitterballen at Winkel 43

This delish Dutch dish tastes much better than it sounds.

Bitterballen, or dutch meatballs, are deep-fried crispy balls filled with beef or veal and a creamy sauce. They go very well with beer and alcohol.

Stroopwafels & Coffee

Stroopwafels & Coffee at Pancakes!

Last but not least, stroopwafels and coffee. The dutch love stroopwafels, which are two layers of wafel with a combination of syrup, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon in the middle.

They come both packaged and fresh off the griddle in sizes ranging from miniature (like the one pictured above) to plate size. The best stroopwafels that I had during my trip to Amsterdam was a large fresh one made right in front of me at the Albert Cuyp Market.

Have you ever had any of these Dutch foods? Which were your favorite?

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  • My fav are the stroopwafels. Schiphol airport has the best food section. I always get tons of things there before the plane home to London!

    • The next time I go back I will have to see the stroopwafels in the airport! Thanks for the tip Susan 😀

  • I would be all over the apple pancakes and apple tart. Yum!

    • They were both delicious Brianna! 😀

  • AHHHHH stroopwafels were my favorite when I visited the Netherlands! SO GOOD! My Dutch friend even mailed me some as a Christmas gift one year 😀

    I didn’t love Amsterdam, but if I ever make it back for round 2, I think some apple pancakes and pie are in order. LOVE me some apple desserts ;D

    • Wow! That is a wonderful friend 🙂

      You must return Lindsay! Apple desserts are the best 😀

  • Britany

    I like this “put sprinkles on bread” idea. The Dutch people are on to something here… 🙂

  • So shocked to hear that the Dutch love cheese! Lol. I have to agree with you on that liquorice candy, Chanel—it’s absolutely vile! The Netherlands isn’t exactly known as a foodie destination, but you can get some pretty delicious stuff over there if you dig hard enough 🙂

  • Nice post! I’ve been living in Holland for the past four years and you really hit the nail on the head with this one. Some other really typical foods are Frikandel (fried sausage basically) and Stampot (potatoes w/ cabbage). I hope you also tried some local Dutch beers and gins!

    • Unfortunately I didn’t get to try the foods you mentioned but next time I go back I definitely will! Thanks John 🙂

  • I love stroopwaffles! I like to get them from one of the vendors by the Rijksmuseum, I’ve been to Amsterdam twice now and after discovering here the first time I made sure revisit the second time around. So yummy!

  • That appletaart looks awesome. I love apple pie anyway so when it’s piled high like that…yum!

  • Dutch Apple Pie is one of my favorite things in the world. Great food pics!

  • I LOVED all the cheese samples in Amsterdam. I seriously ducked into EVERY store that sold cheese, and must’ve eaten an entire block of it by the end. Strangely enough, I had no idea Holland was famous for its cheese before I went!
    Oh, and the apple pie. To die for…..

  • hannah

    I love this article, it’s all so typically dutch.
    Did you enjoy your stay in amsterdam?

  • Apple pie at Wnikel 43 is the BEST apple pie in the world! I could not get enough of it in Amsterdam.

    Also, just like you, I ate so much Gouda cheese. And stroopwafels.


  • I love Dutch licorice but not herring, go figure. Also, you can get great Dutch food including bitterballen at Noord in Philadelphia if you crave the food but don’t want to get on a plane.

  • Bitterballen? Where have those little beauties been all my life? They look and sound delicious. Great work on the photos – now I’m hungry, thanks!

  • I am drooling now! Haven’t tried any of these foods. Saving this list for when I make it to Amsterdam!

  • Oh my goodness – these all look absolutely delicious – I would LOVE to taste one of those apple pies or or pancakes right this second!! Amsterdam is definitely high up there for one of my next few Europe city breaks as I’ve never been so I’ll definitely be bookmarking this post for my next trip!

  • Great list! I just arrived to Amsterdam myself and am super excited to try the local food. Tried my first Dutch Pancakes this morning! Anyway this list is super helpful, I’ll be referring back as I go!

  • Awesome! Thanks Morgan 😀

  • Everything apart from Drop is awesome. After almost 2 years in Holland I still can’t understand how can one eat it :/

  • Kevin L.

    re: Dutch cheese and your stomach

    I am from the USA, but have been spending months here annually since 1987, moved here in 2009. I have a disease called “ulcerative colitis” (in the large intestine). I’ll spare you the gorey details… but basically I cannot consume dairy products or the intestines get inflamed and worse. Can’t eat cheese in America at all. More than a spoonful and it irritates my colon in less than 24 hours, painfully in fact.

    In Holland (and other Euro countries) I can eat the cheese every day, and I do. In all these years I have never had a single reaction from the cheeses. When I visit the USA, one grilled cheese sandwich will literally keep me at home the following day or two.

    My point is, it must be the chemicals and various processes that American companies use. I cannot imagine what else it could be. So — eat as much as you like on your return.

    • I never thought about the chemicals and processes being the reason for my cheese issues in America, but it makes sense. When I return to Holland I will make sure to eat all of the cheese that I can! Thanks for reading Kevin 🙂

      • Kevin L.

        A cool thing is that most shops can seal it for you (allowing for legal entrance into the States) if you’d like to take some home. I used to pack an extra box of coffee, chocolate and cheese.

        • I was at the Cheese Museum and had some packaged to take with me, but it didn’t make it out of Europe, I ended up eating it before I brought it back to the States!

  • Hi Chanel! Thanks for linking to us and it’s great to see you tried so many fun Dutch foods (and liked most of them). Come back soon and try the rest 🙂

  • Crowned Ego

    the apple pancakes and the apple tarte though hmmmmmmmmmmm

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