Discover Queens: Street Art in Astoria

Street Art Astoria

I am a huge fan of street art and have talked about my findings in cities including London, Rio de Janeiro, and recently during my trip to Chicago.

After completing the tour of Long Island City with a member of the Queens Tourism Council, we passed through the Astoria neighborhood of Queens to talk a little bit about the immigrant history in the area. As we were driving through Astoria, I noticed several building covered in art and I could not resist the urge to jump out of the car to take a few shots of the murals I saw lining the walls.

I later found out that the art is  part of the Welling Court Mural Project, an initiative started in 2009 by the community of Welling Court to help clean up their neighborhood. This year (2014), Welling Court celebrates its 5th year.

“These renowned artists in the Welling Court Mural Project create site-specific works to provide new arrays of visual experiences which change how people experience and interact with their environment. This grassroots project has received remarkable appreciation as it brings art from around the world directly to the heart of this eclectic community, which grows more vibrant with each additional wall, creator, and enthusiast.”

Street art by Lady Pink

Street Art by Chris Stain & Billy Mode

By NYC street artist Cern 

Created by NY-based artists Alice Mizrachi and Olek

“Lucia” by artists Katie Yamasaki and Caleb Neelon

This post is part of Travel Photo Mondays 7/21/2014

Which piece is your favorite from the ones above? Have you ever visited the Wellington Court Mural Project?
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  • Some wonderful street art. Really like the one by Cern. I haven’t been to NYC since I was a teen and I don’t think we ever made it to Queens.

    • Yes, the one by Cern is absolutely beautiful 😀 – Next time you go back to NY, you should definitely check out Queens; there is so much to see there!

  • Those are absolutely beautiful. I try to seek out street art whereever I am, because wow!

    • Yes, same here! I love street art! 😀

  • so many gorgoeus artwork in the streets. Amazing!

    • Agreed! There are a lot 🙂

  • Great shots! I need to explore more street art, apparently :). It’s like an outdoor museum!

    • It totally is! And a free one at that 😀

  • Wow! Some seriously good street art here! We like the piece by Cern – very colorful and so much going on in the painting… (Fires up the imagination)

    • Yeah, that is one of my favorites too 😀

  • I love the one by Cern! I know nothing about Queens, I’ll have to make a visit and explore some if these great finds.

    • You definitely should! I think Cern is a great artist, one of my favorite 😀

  • I love street art too and try to seek them out. This is such a great initiative and glad you were able to share these beautiful murals with us. Wow…I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite but I’m leaning towards the one by Cern and Lucia. Love the originality and vibrant colors!

    • Aren’t they lovely? I really love colors that pop!

  • I have seen these myself. They are amazing. My face is Lucia. Have a nice day!

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