NYC’s Adult Playground: The Brooklyn Night Bazaar (UPDATED)

Brooklyn Night Bazaar Beer Money

*UPDATE 7/4/2015* The Brooklyn Night Bazaar has now moved to Jacob Riis Beach in Queens and is called the Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

Where can you go to see Fabio, Nicki Minaj, and President Obama in the same room?

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar. 

Hidden in an unmarked old warehouse in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is where adults go to have fun.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar Shopping

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is not solely a place to go to buy unique goods; in fact, you do not have to purchase a thing to have a great time.

When you first walk in, head straight to the food section. With a wide variety of food options from barbecue, to Mexican, to Japanese, there will definitely be something you will like that will tantalize your tastebuds.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar Food

The fun does not end with the large selection of food options, oh no, there are also a number of craft beers, ciders, and wines to cure your thirst.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar beerAfter grabbing your meal, have a seat at the beer garden style tables, and strike up a conversation with strangers.

I know what you’re thinking… “Talk to strangers in New York…. on purpose?”

Heck yes! What is cooler than getting to know someone under the buzz of black lights while chugging down a nice cold lager?

Don’t be shy, give it a try – you never know who you’ll meet on the playground.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar tables

The playground is a no-judgement-zone, so if you decide to be a glutton and get something to eat one, three, or five times, no one will say a word (take my word for it, I know).

Go ahead, eat your heart out; this is only the beginning of the fun.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar server

After you are done eating and making friends with strangers, make your way through shopping section while stopping to look at items for sale and watching local artists hard at work creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Adam Palmeter Brooklyn Night Bazaar

‘Art Pusher’ Adam Palmeter hard at work creating unique broken record art

Next, head over to the ‘drive-in’, where you can sit in a real car and experience what it is like to be at an actual drive in movie theater.

While watching the film, keep your eyes open and place your hand on the horn, you will be in for an interesting surprise.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar drive in

After you are finished having an incredibly awesome time at the drive-in, head over to the game area, where you can play fun games such as like skee ball or ping pong.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar Ping Pong

Still full of energy after going head-to-head in a ping pong match?

Why not play a game of miniature golf surrounded by cardboard figurines of famous people such as Fabio, Nicki Minaj, and President Obama.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar miniature golf

Playing on the playground can be a lot of fun, but it can get very exhausting.

Make your way back over to the food section to grab a drink to cool you down from all of the excitement you have been having!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar beer

While you are relaxing from the exciting night, enjoy some live music from a couple of bands and smile while thinking to yourself about what an awesome night you had.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar Live Music

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  • Thanks so much for the write up! At the end of the post you mentioned 3 price options but we are indeed free for everyone, every weekend. Come back soon!

    • I had a wonderful time and I will certainly return! Thanks for the information, I will update the post! 😀

  • Oh cool, I love that drive in! That’s super awesome!!!

    • It certainly is an interesting idea Jess 😀

  • I wish I had found your blog before my trip to NY, this is so cool!
    Great post 🙂

  • YES YES YES, love me some BK Night Bazaar! 😀 My favorite things there are the Drive-in and the Mini Golf… though when I was there in November, I putt putted with Popeye instead of Obama! 😛

    • Haha, Popeye was there too! 😀

  • I wish I knew these markets existed when I was in NYC last year. They are now on my list for my next visit.

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    From your newsletter: I like your new logo. Cool way to use the chopsticks. Sounds like some awesome trips coming up. Congrats on being chosen for Lonely Planet. You must.have been so psyched! Question for ya: what is the plugin you use for related posts at the end of your posts?

    • Hi Tricia, thanks for stopping by and reading my site and subscribing to my newsletter! My RP is theme specific 😀

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